About Me

I am an artist based in Fullerton, CA.

Artist Statement:

The beauty of the world osmosed through an artist’s eyes; seeping into a hungry mind. To create art is the deepest sort of catharsis; leeching out the sanguine colors and forms from the saturated subconscious. The artist seeks to present monstrous entities to the viewer in all their terrible and beautiful glory. Capturing the dynamisms like a storm chaser; progressing from matter to pure energy; from representative towards abstraction; exploring the transformative power of nature and humans interaction with it.

Drawn from the ether, painted with the colors of the otherworld, sculpted from the nightmares of primordial humanity, the entities are sensual and organic; alive and oscillating, with a presence and subjectivity of their own. The artist strives to create the presence to bring forth those entities in painting, sculpture, and printmaking. The viewer presented face to face with humanity’s monsters sees them in the light of day.

Natural disasters grip the current work of the artist. Towards the aim of a more elegant abstraction of monstrous entities, paintings merely suggest the human form – that in these monsters of energy we might find something of ourselves. Through technology and infinite wisdom that we have conquered and dominated the Great Mother. New events have cast a different light upon this idea. Monstrous storms are becoming more commonplace due in part to human’s own activities. We have fed these monsters with our hubris and now they have come of age.  Humans forget that we are at the mercy of monsters of energy of the universe and particularly of our own planet. Instead of respecting or revering that which we cannot control we psychically minimize the importance of Nature and her destructive power.


For inquiries/questions/comments/concerns: marissadanielsen@gmail.com

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Author: Marissa

I am an artist, a writer, and globetrotter. Trained as a traditional fine artist, I am now exploring the digital arts with a great interest in sequential arts and storytelling.

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