Academy of Fine Arts: Progetto

After a week I have finally had a conversation with my Italian art professor.  I have been avoiding her because I freeze up when I need to speak Italian.  It’s kind of hard to even describe what I’m going for in a painting in English.

So basically, I’m painting the creepy old man in my dirty hospital dream.  My bosetto (tiny reference sketch)  was beautiful but I was having a difficult time recreating it on a larger scale.  Besides that I am painting in acrylics because I have to paint larger scale this semester.  Acrylics are cheaper than gouache/tempera.   I have a tendency to destroy my brushes anyway.

I also like to just glob paint on my paper.  As many colors I can come up with, I put on the paper.  So I’ve been over working my paintings.  My professor told me to choose two or three colors and then repaint it.


Author: Marissa

I am an artist, a writer, and globetrotter. Trained as a traditional fine artist, I am now exploring the digital arts with a great interest in sequential arts and storytelling.

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