The Art of the Art Selfie (A collection of self portraits with art through the years)

Experiencing Art through the Art Selfie:


Puzzle pieces

individuals formed with a larger picture in mind

colors flow between neighbors

There is no escape from culture

Only a journey between and into illusions

We are the Impressionists’ offspring

We are the Dadaists’ daughters

We are the Situstionists’ situation

We reject the bland popular culture

We reject the fountain of youth promised us by advertisers

We reject mass produced consumerism

We reject anti-intellectualism

We reject the illusion of individuality

We embrace the perpetual decay, make us zombies

We embrace perpetual growth as the ever blossoming spring

We embrace fleetingness, the present moment,

our interconnectedness to the universe, the stars, the moon, the earth, the ecosystem, animalkind, humankind

WE are forces of Nature

WE do not want to be merely human

WE are tornadoes destroying everything in our paths indiscriminately

WE are tidal waves inundating the banality of existence

WE are the stubborn plant growing in the concrete jungle

WE are the coyote wandering into your suburban gated community at night eating up your lapdog